My Story of PaperWork Paralysis

I am so bad a handling paperwork that I need serious help !

Here is my story :

I have been abuse and crushed and mobbed at the work place, I have been abuse and crushed by the family court and other administrative organization... I have been isolated and alienated so much that now I have a brain paralysis when similar ever occurs.

It a selective burn out, if I have been assign a task and have to work on it I am totally paralyzed I sit in front of the computer with an "empty" brain, staring at the screen doing nothing. Same occurs when I have to process a letter for some administrative tasks, of file for expenses.

however if I am involved in a project and have to collaborate with people and work as a team do volontary work etc. Everything works well I am fully operational and I enjoy working within a team.

This specific procrastination lead me into serious financial trouble.

I have currently accumulated so much that my todo list is not manageable anymore and my very serious backlog of paperwork started to spiral down and ruin my daily life.

I am have been blocked and procrastinate on everything that emotionally trigger the trauma of my past events it is to point beyond unimaginable.


I had to change this to continue living

Here is how I did it :

I turn to the blockchain :)

... to be continued